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A Legacy of Creating Shared Values.

Omar Kassem Alesayi Marketing Co. Ltd. (OKAM)* traces its first beginnings more than three decades ago as a trading business predominantly in commodities. Over the years, the company has metamorphosed as per the needs of the market with an unwavering vision to become the leading food distribution and marketing company of both Branded and Commodity products in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest in the Middle East.

OKAM’s proud history reveals a solid foundation, continuous focus on innovation and expansion. With an extensive product range, OKAM’s reach has expanded over the years with a strong emphasis on building and selling brands.

*The company name changed from OKA Co.(Food division) to OKAM Co. in 1999.

OKAM Today

OKAM tops the prestigious industry ranking as one of the leading food distribution companies in Saudi Arabia

Today, OKAM is one of the major players in several food categories, with leadership status in multiple segments. OKAM’s current product portfolio includes:

Rice | Tuna | Pulses | Canned Olives | Olive Oil

OKAM exclusively distribute some of the international leading brands such as Botan (Tuna), Ideal (Canned Olives), Filippo Berio (Olive Oil).

Creating shared value has been at the heart of OKAM’s journey for the past decades. Bringing that passion to life across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, OKAM continues to make great food even better while building the lives of those it reaches.

OKAM exclusively distribute some of the international leading brands such as Botan (Tuna), Ideal (Canned Olives). Furthermore, OKAM effortlessly develops and builds its own private label brands such as Green Farms, Abu Sumbulatein, Al Maha, Meera, Omaco and Rotana. With equal focus on both sets of brands, OKAM today enjoys a well-balanced portfolio of uniform strength and potency.

Over the years, OKAM has built a global footprint in FMCG Marketing and Distribution in Saudi Arabia with over 700 employees. OKAM is uniquely positioned to enhance and explore innovative and value-added branded products in its quest to not only meet consumers’ ever-changing demands and food priorities, but to raise the quality bar in a rapidly evolving food market.

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