High Logistics Standards

Committed to practicing high logistics standards to maintain product quality, timely delivery and product safety, OKAM has built a reputation by observing integrated logistical solutions for its products that are distributed in the Middle East and across the KSA. With over 200 vehicles operating across the country to establish faster delivery processes to customers, OKAM ensures that products are delivered on time
without facing any damages.

OKAM understands that delivering and distributing food products across the region is a unique challenge with countless intrications, therefore adheres to the best practices at inculcating logistics that adds value to the products. For OKAM, the objective is to create value for all parties. OKAM is able to handle high volume logistics of sensitive food products flowing from warehousesto multiple retailers, HORECA dealers and to end customers. By managing a diverse fleet of vehicles, OKAM is fully equipped to manage high volume bulk to small amount of products.

With 15 different warehouses strategically located all over Saudi Arabia to facilitate better service to customers, OKAM recognises the complexity of product distribution and the need of flexibility. Whether it is about fast moving goods or perishable items, OKAM prioritises to store, deliver and distribute products to the market in its original form and shape, with superior efficiency and speed. To make it possible, OKAM has partnered with CHEP – the global leader in pallet and container pooling services.

Having a team of qualified & experienced quality assurance individuals stationed in strategic warehouses, OKAM takes pride in storing, executing and delivering superior quality products to customers in its best shape, size and quality.

Paying close attention to sensitive product handling and storage, OKAM has dedicated warehouses with the covered area of over 150,000 sqm to ensure each product line is stored appropriately and separately, so that each product restores its original aroma.

With OKAM, products are in good hands!

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