Marketing Driven Company

To gain unstoppable momentum of sales and distribution, OKAM adheres to a strong marketing mission and vision for the organisation and the entire team. Being a marketing driven company, OKAM boasts some of the most distinctive features to master the market such as, market sensing and customer linking capabilities, analysis of current capabilities, readiness of future product needs, bottom-up redesign of underlying processes, top-down direction and commitment, creative use of information technology, and continuous monitoring of progress.

What is OKAM’s Marketing Secret?

Knowing that consumer needs are fragmented and competition is steep, OKAM pulls all strings to meet customer’s needs and connect with them individually. Incorporating consumerization, OKAM focuses on the granularity of market segmentation to boost consumer engagement and reach broader prospects of products through design and innovation.

Partnering with some of the best-in-class marketing agencies, OKAM works precisely for each area of marketing with detailed focus and dedication. We collaborate with leading media buying, advertising, production and services agencies in the region. As a result, the outcomes are beyond comparison.

Offering new levels of precision, all marketing partners of OKAM constantly monitor the changing needs of customers and consumers and bring forward new solutions. With an aim to maintain a continuous understanding of the ever-evolving dynamics of the market and of the operating domains in order to bring maximum value to the customers and consumers, OKAM conducts timely consumer research to understand the responses and reactions, while devising concrete marketing strategies to top the next level.

Believing strongly on building brands, OKAM focuses on exceptional marketing activities to deliver brand’s message to the right people in the right way, shaping their preferences and, ultimately, driving sales. Reach, Resonance and Reaction theory is the key to OKAM’s success!

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