Sales and Distribution

OKAM is passionate about helping brands transform their go-to-market and sales strategy by, offering best-in-class marketing services, boosting sales capabilities and forming seamless distribution processes of diverse product range in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Consisting of 265 dedicated sales professionals, OKAM’s Sales & Distribution team is skillfully trained to help reputed food brands reach multichannel in three individual ways: by expanding market coverage and sales volume; by improving product interaction with customers; and by simultaneously driving for efficiency in all channels. To achieve 100% results, OKAM particularly concentrates on four different aspects to increase its Sales and Distribution efficiency and effectiveness.


Granular growth

With a dispersed customer base and an enormous number of sales transactions, OKAM focuses on granular growth while emphasizing on the considerable opportunity for organic growth that lies behind granularity. Taking a micro view by demographics, industry segment and product placement, OKAM works on the hidden sacks of growth to expand market coverage and customer’s trust. OKAM’s tailor-made strategies and approaches are key to successful sales and distribution in KSA


High-performing sales force

Today, OKAM has developed a high performing sales force, spreading across the Saudi Arabia. Focusing on the critical components of each segment, OKAM’s 265 dedicated sales force is further divided into 64 Van Salesmen, 86 Merchandisers, 33 HORECA Salesmen, 28 Wholesale Salesmen, 10 Key Account Salesmen, 32 Sales Supervisors, 8 Sector Managers & Assistants and 4 Regional/Branch Managers to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of Sales and Distribution.


Return on sales investments

OKAM incorporates both, the art and science of sales to ensure healthy returns on sales investments. With a collaborative approach, OKAM identifies potential improvement areas to gain transparency on the performance and further devises concrete ways to achieve the targets, such as creating sharp and quick sales operations, all in all to secure fruitful returns on sales investments.


Sales penetration in a multichannel world

OKAM constantly examines user experience with the services it provides to improve sales penetration in a multichannel world. Knowing that customers are increasingly swapping across all channels, OKAM has developed an effective selling strategies in all channels from key-account management to direct sales and indirect channel partners.

Today, OKAM’s sales and distribution network handles a diverse range of food products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is constantly looking to enter new markets. OKAM’s tactical deployment of sales force across the region, ensures that no area remains unattended.

Distribution Network

Maintaining 13 branches, strategically located all over Saudi Arabia, OKAM takes on the intense pressure to build and sustain market trust and be competitive in the KSA’s food distribution market. To do this, OKAM performs with greater responsibility, transparency and integrity, while surpassing profitability and innovation.

With a longstanding experience, OKAM has built a strong foothold at 4 important sales channels with 15 warehouses all over Saudi Arabia. OKAM remains engaged with

OKAM’s tactical industry planning and distribution network leverage all potential resources to deliver food goods with uncompromised quality and taste. To reduce distribution risk, OKAM has extensively worked on suitable transportation and distribution networks. As a result, OKAM’s logistics and delivery programs are amongst the most competent and dynamic in the consumer goods sector.

OKAM has continued exploring opportunities to further increase its distribution footprint, new initiatives have been enforced throughout the organization. Today, OKAM’s distribution policy focuses on the following five key areas:

Sales Force

OKAM’s sales force ensures that products are readily available to all consumers at the right place, at the right time and at the right price. This involves developing customized strategies and solutions for all trade and distribution channels and capitalizing on them through our strong network of distributors and expert marketers.

To yield maximum returns, OKAM’s avid sales force adheres to a few key elements:

All in all, OKAM is committed to continually developing quality food products by refining sales and distribution systems; by improving its high-end product line via best marketing and sales support all over Saudi Arabia.

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