Our Values and Principles

Our Values

OKAM is a values-driven organisation, aspiring to improve lives while delivering the highest standards of food excellence. Operating with a diverse workforce and leveraging potential resources for over 36 years, OKAM is a team that values collaboration, honesty, trust and responsibility.

Hiring, growing and retaining the best talent!

OKAM believes in knowledge sharing culture within the organisation therefore, hires, grows and retains the most potential individuals from across the globe. OKAM’s ability to deliver absolute products depends on the hard work, passion and diversity that traverses the team.

Delivering brand promise!

OKAM has created a vision of delivering brand promise! Knowing actions speak louder than words, brand promise is what holds and defines everything OKAM delivers!

Working as one team

Team at OKAM is dedicated and concerted towards a common goal, bound for performance and success. To achieve desirable business outcomes and higher performance, OKAM works as one team and as an organisation; everywhere and all the time!

Integrity, honesty, trust and respect

OKAM is bricked and walled by integrity, honesty, trust and respect! Work culture at OKAM is highly ethical that reflects in the work processes, dealings with employees, customers and market associates. Believing in doing the right thing for the right reason and guiding all of the actions through honesty and trust is at the heart of OKAM.

A passion for winning!

It’s not just about delivering food that is new and up to the minute; OKAM is about innovating new ideas, winning new markets, new goods and services, new processes and above all, OKAM is about walking its customer’s journey, connecting the dots and delivering the most desirable food products.

Our Principles

For over 36 years, OKAM has been innovating food products to meet the needs of an ever-changing, expeditious global environment. Our principles of how to best connect and support people, communities and business has been supreme to OKAM’s ability to function and add value in, and for, almost every region of the world.

Business Improvement

Creating shared value is what OKAM is based on. Diversity and addmittance are part of OKAM’s business principles at the highest level. The understanding of having diverse employees, business associates and community relationships is vital to business improvement, capturing new markets and creating advanced food products, OKAM challenges itself to meet those needs innovatively.

Our People Welfare

We aspire to improve the lifestyle and wellness of our people and communities by expanding access to our brand products and other food items . Enfolding the quest to meet food challenges, OKAM is inspired by the differences it can make in the lives of people around the world.

Our customers and consumer’s delight

Dedicated to the highest level of food innovation and excellence, OKAM strives to identify the most critical needs of consumers and customers. To keep customer’s delighted, OKAM is committed to embracing changes and taking corporate social responsibility for its activities and the accruing impact on the community and society as a whole.

Our Communities and Prosperity

Game-changing ideas and innovation always remains at the heart of OKAM. As the business has evolved to meet the food challenges of a global marketplace, Okam has subsequently transformed its approach to community engagement. By providing time, talent and resources collectively, OKAM and its employees are helping to build better communities through focused investments in multiples areas of life to support and achieve positive outcomes. Thus, OKAM is focused on improving communities and their properity.

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