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OKAM is committed to continually complement the reputation of the brands it produces, markets and distributes to meet and exceed consumer expectations of premium brand products.

OKAM’s core business lies in the development, marketing and distribution of high-quality food products in the Middle East and across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recognised as a leading provider of differentiated, value-added and state-of-the-art food products, OKAM believes in communicating
diversity and desirability by offering a true sense of taste through wide ranging food products.

With origin dating back more than 36 years, OKAM is a trusted leader with a reputation for delivering exceptional food quality. While representing some of the top notch international brands like Botan (Tuna), Ideal (Canned Olives), Filippo Berio (Olive Oil),  OKAM also develops and markets a range of private label brands such as Green Farms, Abu Sumbulatein, Al Maha, Meera, Omaco, Rotana and many others. Altogether, OKAM deals in 150+ products in the Middle East and across the KSA.

Products may differ with respect to their size, shape, weight or color, OKAM ensures that the comprehensive set of products it offers contain the same active quality and are equivalent to international standards of food safety systems, standards and practices.

Distributing a wide range of consumer products through a network of 16 distribution branches throughout the Saudi Arabia, OKAM works across all trade channels,

Outlets. OKAM’s portfolio of products are delivered in every corner of Saudi Arabia, which bears testimony to the company’s exhaustive knowledge and market expertise in Saudi Arabia.

In response to more critical consumer tastes and ever-increasing competition in the region, OKAM is committed to maintaining the highest standards with world-class talent, recruited from all across the globe. OKAM’s professionally trained sales team give brand partners full product support for building brands and increasing market share in KSA.

Being a true dignitary in food marketing and distribution, OKAM aims to push boundaries by exploring and adding innovative and value-added branded products in its quest to not only satisfy consumers’ ever-changing habits and demands, but to raise the quality bar in a rapidly evolving food market.

OKAM will continue to engage in an informative dialogue with its consumers so that they understand the safety, prevalence and benefits of the nutritious products under OKAM’s umbrella and can make informed choices for themselves and their families.


Embrace Cooking Possibilities with OKAM's High-Quality Rice Products! With over different varieties & blends from South Asia, rice products have been never so much diverse. From long grain,...

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Despite fluctuations in the demand and supply of seafood, it has always remained an important source of food.

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OKAM’s diverse range of fresh Olives offers unique nutritional and organoleptic properties to fulfil today's rigorous health requirements. OKAM understands the health benefits of high-quality ...

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Olive Oil

Having unique health benefits, Olive Oil can improve health and lifestyle in countless ways. Being the cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, Olive Oil is an essential nutritional mainstay for...

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Belonging to a plant family, Legumes are usually classified into several different varieties such as lentils, peas or beans. With a perfect combination of low fat, high protein and high fibre,...

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