American Parboiled Rice

America’s Parboiled Rice is a unique variety that undergoes a hydrothermal steaming process to partially boil the unhusked grains. It would not be an exaggeration to say that parboiled rice is the top notch rice variety. This variety of rice is liked by consumers and chefs who love to have the best quality, separately cooked grains and extra fluffy rice. This variety of American rice is very popular in European regions and the Middle Eastern countries.

US Long Grain Parboiled Rice is famous for its unique glittery golden colour and long grain. To retain much of its natural vitamins and mineral content, OKAM ensures that it is precisely milled through high-end processing system while keeping all its requisites and handling procedure aligned to protect its taste, natural texture and aroma.

OKAM delivers this variety under two different brands - Green Farms and Meera. Both brands are monitored, scrutinised and processed under strict supervision, to ensure that these partially boiled grains reach you in its best shape and quality. It becomes fluffy yet remains tasty and non-sticky when cooked. To live up to the brand promise, OKAM does everything to bring parboiled rice to your table in its finest shape and texture.