Pakistani Rice

Winning over a million hearts, Basmati is one of the oldest cultivated crops in Pakistan. It is also a staple food forming a key portion of the diet for many of the world's population, especially in the Europe, Middle East, Southern and Eastern Asia. Grown in the foothills of Himalayas and irrigated by the enriched mineral snow-fed water of Indus River, the slender long grain of Basmati rice is widely known for getting double its size after cooking. Pakistani Basmati rice has an exotic aroma, delicious nutty flavour and best nutritious value that makes it the ultimate choice of rice lovers' across the world.

Among the diverse range of “Green Farms” rice products that OKAM provides, Kernel Basmati white rice is characterised by its long grains, delicious taste & easy to digest property. Rice fields in Pakistan are famous for growing high-quality Kernel Basmati rice. OKAM experts choose the best variety of rice from these areas to be packed and offered to you using the latest technologies to preserve the unique taste and nutrition.

Being a pioneer in the field, OKAM has nurtured and guided remarkable growth by adding another product to its gallery; introduced the longest grain basmati rice from the richest fields of Punjab known as Kayenat.

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