OKAM values all customer needs and tastes; making concerted efforts and continually keeping itself updated with the dynamics of the rice business worldwide. Staying abreast with the growing client’s expectation, OKAM provides the finest range of Basmati rice under different brands such as Green Farms, Abu Sumbulatein, OMACO, Al Maha and Rotana.

Ensuring that each product carries unique suave scent in rice grains, OKAM’s Indian Rice range are cultivated on the most fertile lands of Punjab in India and irrigated by the pure waters of the Himalaya Mountains.

From the rice crops to the freshest grain silos, OKAM takes good care of every single detail under strict quality parameters. OKAM’s finest rice stocks are further processed & packed using ultra-modern methods to preserve its quality and taste so that you can get the best Indian Basmati rice on your table.

The name basmati is originally a Sanskrit word “BAS” meaning smell and ‘Mati’ meaning ‘Queen’. Hence, Indian Basmati Rice is a premium quality and a delicious choice of elites. Indian Basmati rice has a unique quality to go with all tastes and makes every meal palatable and delicious. Without exaggeration, Indian Basmati rice is the king of all types of rice. Basmati rice has long slender shape and an unmatched fragrance and aroma are reflective of the age-old civilisation that cultivates it. Thus, it is truly a wonderful gift from the India to the whole world.  Thus, OKAM treats its valuable customers with the best rice quality.

Product Facts


Abu Sumbulatein


Indian Mazza Basmati Rice


Indian Basmati (Cream)


25 MT = 625 Bags

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