Sales and Distribution

Distribution Network

Maintaining 12 branches, strategically located all over Saudi Arabia, OKAM takes on the intense pressure to build and sustain market trust and be competitive in Saudi food distribution market. To do this, OKAM performs with greater responsibility, transparency and integrity, while surpassing profitability and innovation.

With a longstanding experience, OKAM has built a strong foothold at 4 important sales channels with 15 warehouses all over Saudi Arabia. OKAM remains engaged with

OKAM’s tactical industry planning and distribution network leverage all potential resources to deliver food goods with uncompromised quality and taste. To reduce distribution risk, OKAM has extensively worked on suitable transportation and distribution networks. As a result, OKAM’s logistics and delivery programs are amongst the most competent and dynamic in the consumer goods sector.

OKAM has continued exploring opportunities to further increase its distribution footprint, new initiatives have been enforced throughout the organization. Today, OKAM’s distribution policy focuses on the following five key areas:

Sales Force

OKAM’s sales force ensures that products are readily available to all consumers at the right place, at the right time and at the right price. This involves developing customized strategies and solutions for all trade and distribution channels and capitalizing on them through our strong network of distributors and expert marketers.

To yield maximum returns, OKAM’s avid sales force adheres to a few key elements:

All in all, OKAM is committed to continually developing quality food products by refining sales and distribution systems; by improving its high-end product line via best marketing and sales support all over Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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